Sprüche E
Altes Füürwehrdepot
"Where the guest is king, all servers should be princes and princesses."
Old Fire Department Depot - "Alts Füürwehrdepot Hueb"
Once upon a time, when the world was in perfect order, Hueb had its own fire brigade. Only the burly and bravest men had the privilege to go into the fire department's depot. Today, Hueb no longer has a Fire department, and the women are in charge of the fire depot – for as we call it "alts Füürwehrdepot".

Did the spark set you on fire? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.
The “alts Füürwehrdepot“ has a capacity of 30 persons.
Our top secret recipe

1 pinch of luck
2 grams of knowledge
3 tsp. of caution
4 pounds of seasonal delicacies
5 fistfuls of love...

Our menus...
"Farmer's food",
"Master servant"
"From the painty"
"Almost forgot"...