Sprüche E
"Without little things, there can be no big things."
Antonia Montoya
Specialities - "Hueberbergler-Spezialitäten"
For some, it is a pleasure of culture and tradition, for others it is an extension of summer.
Our Culinarium-certified mountain cheese is produced high in the Swiss Alps, in the remote cheeseries of Findels and Kienberg.

Honey was already used as an ingredient in the stone age and was the only sweetener until very recently in history. Our bees are our smallest employees and produce many kilograms of the luxury food. The honey comes from our controlled apiary.

Sausage is made from ground meat, bacon, salt, and herbs. But as you may know, there are big differences among sausages. Our butcher produces a wide variety of seasonal sausages.

Originally, the “Mostbröckli“ - smoked meat - was from the Appenzellerland. For its unique taste, cider was used to soak the meat before hanging it in the chimney. Records of it go back to 1905. Our Mostbröckli is still made the traditional way with meat from our farm.